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Product Attribution

Attribution is the process of adding relevant information for items in a catalog. An attribute is anything that describes a product; examples include weight, material, brand, style, and dimensions. Providing more details helps search engine spiders find and categorize your products.

While many companies understand the need for attribution, they are often held up by the amount of time and effort it takes to provide attributes for thousands of SKUs. Outsourcing the attribution project can lead to better identified attribute categories and more fully complete data within a desired time and budget frame.

S7 Technologies is an expert in collecting, analyzing complex product specification and features across different brands under different categories from authenticate sources available on World Wide Web. S7 Technologies helps the clients to eliminate non-standardized product across brands and its categories, contradictory information across sources; Mismatching MPN/SKU numbers etc.

Benefits of Attribution
  • Increased Search Engine Results
  • Increased Onsite Search Results
  • More Visitors
  • More Data to Convert Shoppers
  • Fewer Returns